Video Services we provide to Municipalities. ( Festivals – Publicity – Institutional…)

In this section you may find the festival videos that have been prepared for municipalities.
-Photos and videos produced for municipalities to increase their publicity domestically and internationally.
-Festival promotion videos and photos taken from aerial and ground viewpoint.
-Creating institutional web-sites for municipalities in which they may display themselves to the world.

Esentepe Belediyesi Festival Fotoğraf Albümü

Mehmetçik Belediyesi Festivali (2015)

37. Güzelyurt Portakal Festivali

Lapta Turizm Festivali Uzun Versiyon

Esentepe Belediyesi Festivali (2015) Lapta Turizm Festivali Gün

Festival Tanıtım

İskele Belediyesi Festivali (2015)

Lapta Turizm Festivali Kısa Versiyon 2014

İskele Belediyesi Festivali Introduction 2015