Construction Companies

-Monthly progresses of construction projects of companies are executed. Especially works of aerial view of projects are very effective in presentations to clients.
-Full HD and 4k videos and high resolution photos are processed speculatively and visually and are then used for promotion in advertising signboards.
-Monthly construction progress web-site and social media updates.
In this section you may find exemplar videos that have been prepared for construction companies.
-To shoot a film is the most effective method of promoting your company which is a visual product that is easier for the perception of clients. We perform detailed consultation sessions with our clients over the film that they anticipate for us to produce going over the components of Company / Brand / Services / Factory / Products and prepare and shoot the film in a professional manner using all currently available production services and technologies. Varying according to your budget you may have us prepare a film for you with any duration that you prefer with adequate prices.

Akol Group / Salamis Park

FEO Elegance İnşaat 15.09.2015

İnşaat Tanıtım

Hala Sultan İlahiyat Koleji 2015

Mesan Group – Beach View Holiday

Mesan Group – Defne Homes


Akol Group / The Premier Villas

FEO Elegance İnşaat Mayıs/May 2016

Lefke Avrupa Üniversitesi 2015

Onkoloji Bölümü 2015

Mesan Group – Tuzla Engomi Evleri

Tufekci Group – Proje Güncelleme

Akol Group / The Sea House Residences

FEO Elegance – Yükseliyor/Rising (Nisan/2016)

Doğu Akdeniz Üniversitesi 2015

Özen İnşaat – Central Life Apt.

Mesan Group – Alsancak Citrus

Özen İnşaat – Golden Hill